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Armed with data from successful matches from your own medical school, AlumnusMLE enables you to make informed decisions, save time, reduce costs, and unlock networking opportunities.

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The Challenge

Applying for a US medical residency can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Here are some of the main hurdles:

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Overwhelming Options

With around 5000 residency programs, gathering info on your alumni in each program is an impossible task.

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Increasing Costs

Due to lack of precise information, aspirants often apply to numerous programs, escalating costs.

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Scattered Information

Essential details like minimum CK scores and visa requirements are often dispersed across different pages of a program’s website.

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Inconsistent Updates

Programs update their websites at their own pace, leading to varying information availability.

The Solution

With alumnusMLE, you can now access all the vital data you need in one place, neatly organized, and tailored to your educational background. Our service compiles information about residency programs based on individual medical schools, giving you a detailed report that could enhance your chances of a successful match.

How it works?

We compile relevant information about various residency programs, focusing on the connection with your medical school. This data is organized into a comprehensive list for each medical school that you can easily access.

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What Will You Get

Our report presents a curated list of U.S. residency programs where graduates of your medical school have successfully matched. Here's what each entry includes:

Program Name

The name of the residency program.

NRMP Program Code

The unique identifier code for each program as given by the National Residency Match Program (NRMP).


The medical specialty of the residency program, such as Dermatology, Pediatrics, etc.

Minimum CK Score

The minimum Clinical Knowledge (CK) score that the residency program typically looks for in applicants.

J1 Sponsorship

Information on whether the program is able to sponsor J-1 Sponsorship through ECFMG for International Medical Graduates (IMGs).


There are many benefits of having this PDF file, but here are a few of our favorites.

Save Time

Skip the hassle of searching through numerous residency websites. We compile all necessary details for you, saving your precious time.

Save Money

Cut down on application costs by targeting the right programs, thus avoiding the financial burden of applying to countless unnecessary ones.

Unlock Networking & USCE

Connect with matched peers and seniors from your medical school through AlumnusMLE, opening doors to invaluable guidance, observerships, externships, and internships.

Make Smarter Choices

Armed with a detailed list of each program, make educated decisions on which residency programs best align with your career aspirations.


For a minimal one-time fee of just US$5, gain access to a wealth of tailored information designed to streamline your residency application process.

Stay Informed

Stay ahead with up-to-date, relevant data on your medical school's graduates, ensuring you always have the latest information for your applications.

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